Academic Honesty

AcademicHonesty_hand.pngIn 2017, the College of DuPage is reaffirming its strong commitment to its Core Values, and we would like your help.

Our Four Core Values are:

We expect the highest standard of moral character and ethical behavior.
We expect truthfulness and trustworthiness.
We expect courtesy and dignity in all interpersonal interactions.
We expect fulfillment of obligations and accountability.

A key component of these Core Values is Academic Integrity, and this is where we would like your assistance.

For Students:

We will be hosting a contest to name the Academic Integrity information campaign and want your creative ideas for a tagline that the College can use when communicating the importance of honesty in all academic endeavors. The caption selected for the campaign will be used in advertising, publicity and informational materials for the College’s Academic Integrity initiative, slated to start this fall. Visit for rules, regulations and information on how to enter!

For Faculty and Staff:

Talk about academic honesty with your students! See the Instructor Toolbox and Resources to the right for information and materials you can use in your classroom to discuss the importance of academic honesty in the classroom.