New Website

The COD Library is pleased to announce a sneak preview of our new website. We've been working on this project for the past year and we'd like to give you a chance to see Version 1 of the new homepage and send us your input.

Screen shot of the new Library website

Some of the improvements in the new site include:

  • Services grouped by user
  • Cleaner navigation tools
  • More obvious ways to contact us
  • Less cluttered

Even though we are opening up access to the new homepage, we remind you this is only a preview! While the full site will be ready by Fall Semester, we're still working on refining our design and converting and revising the thousands of pages in the current site. As new pages are created, they will be linked off the new homepage.

While we continue our work, we want your input to help inform our design decisions as we progress. There is a comment form at the bottom of this page and the new homepage. Use it to send us any thoughts, ideas, or comments you have about the new site. Your input will really help us improve the site as we continue our redesign.

Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you.