Equipment for Checkout

Bookings for DVDs/videocassettes or equipment may be made by e-mailing or calling (630) 942-2106.
DVD or VHS Bookings

DVDs or videocassettes may be booked for pickup at the lower level Circulation Desk in the Library. Media will be checked out in advance for easy pickup and may be returned to any Library book drop location. Please specifiy the dates for pick-up and return. Materials for West Campus instructors may be picked up in TEC 1061.

Equipment Bookings

When booking equipment, be sure to specify what you will need, the room where you would like delivery, the date needed, and the beginning and ending times for the class.

Please allow two working days notice for equipment delivery. Weekend and Monday booking orders should be placed by the previous Friday. Bookings with short term notice will be completed when possible. E-mail requests will receive a confirmation.

Audio Equipment

Audiocassette Player/Recorder

test tape player.jpg

  • AC/DC power sources (4 D-cell batteries not included)
  • Built-in microphone
  • Cassettes not included

Compact Disc Player


  • Single or five-disc units available
  • Stereo AM/FM receiver
  • Includes amplifier and speakers

Compact Disc Player/Boom Box


  • AC/DC power sources (6 D-cell batteries not included)
  • Stereo AM/FM receiver
  • Cassette player
  • Headphone jack
  • Library pickup only

Compact Disc Player for ESL


  • Includes cassette player and pitch control
  • Speed control
  • Built-in microphone
  • Five headphones jacks
  • Internal speakers

Dual Deck Cassette Player


  • Includes amplifier and speakers
  • Stereo AM/FM receiver
  • Recording function
  • Cassettes not included

Podium with Microphone


  • Attached microphone (not designed for mobility)
  • Can be used as a projection unit for wireless microphones
  • College of DuPage nameplate logo

Public Address System
  • Can be used on a table top
  • Includes amplifier and attached microphone
  • Uses 9 volt batteries (not included)
  • Portable units must be picked up at the Library
Snowball/USB Microphone


  • Use with PC/Mac/laptop
  • Records sound to laptop
  • Includes USB cable, tripod stand, and instruction book
  • Library pickup only

Voice Recorder


  • Small hand held recorder with various recording modes
  • Uses one AAA battery (not included)
  • Includes USB cable and instruction booklet
  • Library pickup only

Wireless Lapel Microphone


  • Requires an external projection source
  • Includes lapel mic and hand held microphone
  • User must know how to set up
  • Library pickup only

Computer Equipment

Computer Video Projector (CVP)


  • Available for on-campus use (on a cart) or portable use (in a case)
  • Used with laptop to project onto a screen
  • Includes VGA cable to connect to laptop
  • Portable units must be picked up at the Library

Laptop Computer


  • Available for two week checkouts
  • Microsoft Office Suite 2013, Windows 7
  • Web cam
  • Includes power supply as well as Broadband (DSL) and dial-up cables
  • Library pickup only

Wireless presentation remote


  • USB transmitter receiver connects to laptop
  • Laser pointer built into remote
  • Library pickup only

Video & Projection Equipment

Canon HD Camcorder


  • Video and photo options
  • Battery pack
  • USB Cable
  • High Speed HDMI cable
  • Must provide your own SD card

Document Camera


  • Projects printed materials onto a screen
  • Requires a video projector to project image

Flat Screen Monitor


  • Available with DVD, VHS and Blu-Ray players
  • Deliveries limited to Main Campus
  • CRT monitor
  • Or a video projector

Overhead Projector


  • The traditional unit used for projecting transparencies
  • Not to be confused with a computer video projector permanently mounted to the ceiling in a classroom

Portable DVD Player


  • Best used for preview purposes
  • Includes remote/power supply/instructions
  • Library pickup only

PAL Format - Portable DVD Player

  • PAL is a format used for DVD's in Europe and parts of Asia
  • Includes remote, A/V cords and instructions
  • Library pickup only
Slide Projector


  • Available for on-campus use (on a cart) or portable use (in a case)
  • Carousel slide tray available for use with slides
  • Portable units must be picked up at the Library

Miscellaneous Equipment

2.25" Button Machine


White Boards


  • Deliveries limited to Main Campus
  • To display group notes
  • Markers and an eraser provided
  • Fragile, may only be delivered on Main Campus
  • Available for delivery or pickup at the Library



  • To display signs
  • Available for delivery or pickup at the Library

Flip Charts


  • Hold pads of paper
  • Markers not included
  • Available for delivery or pickup at the Library



  • Available in sets of 20, 26, 30, or 50
  • Library pick up only
  • Semester check-out available based on demand
  • Users may need to replace batteries, especially during longer checkouts



Laser Pointer


  • Library pickup only
Multiple Outlet Strips & Extension Cords


  • Library pickup only

  • Used with projection equipment


  • For mounting camera equipment
  • Library pickup only

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