Keep Your Motor Running

Icy roads and long commutes can make car maintenance a real challenge during Chicagoland winters. Perhaps you’re waiting for a call from the body shop--or, you’ve decided to fix it yourself. The College of DuPage Library has resources that can help you keep your car in working order.

Check out Motologic for car repair tips and tricks. This free database is available from on campus computers. MotoLogic is an online service information system designed for the professional automotive technician. Data is farmed directly from the OEM service sites. This site compliments the information found in AllData. Learn how to perform repairs on a variety of vehicles. Each procedure has a skill level rating, so you can decide if you’re ready to tackle trickier repairs on your own.

To access Motologic from on campus computers, click on the Sign In button. Motologic is not available off-campus at this time.

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