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Plagiarism at Commencement

Graduates.jpgKansas community college leader accused of plagiarizing May commencement speech

In 2004, Hampton University valedictorian Tim Lee used the poem “The New ABC’s,” by Sherri ScottNovoa, in his commencement speech without attribution. In May, John D. Rios, chairman of Kansas City Kansas Community College, gave an eerily similar commencement speech, again without attribution.


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Cheating on the Rise? Or Improved Methods of Detection?

exam (1).pngIn Sweden, college student suspensions as the result of cheating have increased by 37.5% since 2013. Are more Swedish students cheating or are instructors and administrators better prepared to identify cheaters?

In its review of 33 universities in Sweden, TT newswire found 733 students had been suspended due to cheating in 2016... [UKÄ Legal Advisor Pontus ] Kyrk thinks the increase is mainly due to increased awareness, and that universities have got better at catching cheaters.


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Prosecuting Term Paper Mills in Ireland

Coupon_Fryer.jpgIn his 2013 Times Higher Education article "Essay Mills: University Course Work to Order," David Matthews attempted to pin down the extent of the custom term paper industry in the United Kingdom. While the impact of term paper mills is clear, the scope of the problem is hard to quantify. As one researcher of the industry explained, "Asking how many custom-written essays are being bought and sold in the UK is a bit like asking 'how long is a piece of string?'.”

The problem persists internationally. Recently the Irish Minister for Education drafted legislation that would crack down on essay mills by making it an offense to sell custom essays to students. Read more about this proposed legislation in article New laws will prosecute firms that write essays for third level students

Cheating Season

criminal-with-stolen-computers.png Final exams are in full swing and academic cheaters are making the headlines from London to West Virginia.

Here are a few stories that show the lengths to which students have gone to cheat on high stakes exams.

Instructors can avoid these mishaps and more by taking simple test proctoring precautions. For more information visit the Academic Honesty Instructor Toolbox.

Ten Types of Plagiarism

Identifying plagiarism isn't as simple as "Yes it is" or "No it isn't" - according to Turnitin's research, there's a spectrum of plagiarism that encompasses everything from "submitting another's work, word-for-word, as one's own" to work that "includes proper citation, but relies too closely on the text's original wording and/or structure" (via).

The infographic Plagiarism Spectrum: Tagging 10 Types of Unoriginal Work shows which types of plagiarism are most problematic, which are most common and provides examples of what the plagiarism might look like in the wild.

To view or download the infographic (PDF), visit


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