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Video Project Resources:


Storyboards are like a "comic book" version of your film. They are simple illustrations that show what the camera will see in each shot. Storyboards help you plan the visual look of your film and spot problems before they happen, and they help the crew understand what is supposed to be happening in each shot.

Storyboard templates

Shots Lists
Shot lists are your on-set "to do" list. List your shots in an order that makes filming easy and efficient, and then check off each shot as you go. For example, if you're filming in two different locations, group your shots by location to ensure you don't forget anything before you pack up and head to your second location.

Shot list template

Release Forms
Use these forms as templates or guides only. These forms do not constitute legal advice or legal guarantees. It is always your responsibility to understand when and how you can film people, locations, and things, and what you can do with that footage.

Talent Release
Use a talent release form for any people appearing in your film. This includes actors, background extras, or interview subjects. If you have any children in your film, you will need their parent or legal guardian's permission.

Sample talent release form

Location Release
Use a location release if you will be filming on someone else's property. You should arrange the details ahead of time and have them sign a location release prior to shooting. Do not start shooting on someone else's property if you don't have permission!

Sample location release form

Guides coming soon...

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