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Webinar: Faculty & Librarians Select High Quality OER

Learn about how classroom faculty and librarians collaborate to select high-quality OER in this webinar recording from the CCCOER (Recorded Sept 27, 2017) Regina Gong's experience is particularly useful--Lansing Community College is a Guided Pathways school.

"I may have a Ph.D., but I’m not perfect" - Profs share their own cheating stories


"There’s definitely students that are lazy and are just cheating for the fun of it, but I think a huge part of it is how we’re teaching,"

Sam Hosington writes about three college professors who cheated as students and how those experiences have impacted their reactions to and understanding of cheating behaviors in their own students.

Read more online [no login necessary]

Hosington, S. (2017, October 10). They once cheated in class. Now they teach. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved from


OER Repositories: Webinar (10-25-2017)

Recorded October 25, 2017
Details: Join CCCOER for this webinar to hear about how OER repositories and Open Course Management systems can support the development and sharing of OER within colleges and regional consortiums.

Maricopa CC's Saves Students More than $10 Million!

Maricopa.jpgThe Maricopa Community Colleges system has saved students more than $10 million dollars since launching the Maricopa Millions Open Educational Resources Project, according to a 2016-2017 year-end report. This amount is almost double the estimated projections when the program was first conceived five years ago. Amazing! (MCC Press Release)


Affordable College Textbook Act Reintroduced in Congress

The Affordable College Textbook Act was reintroduced in the U.S. House and Senate on September 26, 2017. This bill creates a grant program at the U.S. Department of Education for colleges and universities to develop pilot programs that use open educational resources (OER) to reduce the cost of textbooks for students. The legislation was introduced in the House by Representatives Polis (D-CO) and Sinema (D-AZ) and in the Senate by Senators Durbin (D-IL), Franken (D-MN), and King (I-ME). This bill sends an important signal that OER is a solution to the textbook cost crisis and we are thankful to these members for their support.
The final bill text is here.


Battling Cheating with Culture, Not Technology

stop-1207069_640.jpgHow do you define cheating in the classroom? Do your students share that definition?

Margaret Barthel's 2016 article in The Atlantic cites the dire statistics that show the prevalence of cheating across American colleges and universities. Experts, including the current director of the ICAI, argue that the answer isn't technological advances that can help us catch cheaters, but a shift in our culture that encourages open discussions about academic integrity and a community-wide commitment to honesty.

“There has to be space to fail. . . .There has to be an opportunity for [students] to attempt something, screw it up, and then to get feedback and correct it, without it being a semester-killing matter.”

Read more at How to Stop Cheating in College


Contract Cheating in Higher Ed

stop-the-black-market.png"The recent explosion in contract cheating has given the international community of academic integrity scholars pause for thought. ‘Contract cheating’ is not the same as the less sinister and more widely accepted practice of ‘ghostwriting’ and has ramifications for individuals’ learning outcomes, institutional reputations, educational standards/credibility, professional practice and public safety, particularly if it is somehow normalised as an acceptable way for academic work to be accomplished."

Learn more about contract cheating from SpringerOpen's post "The rise of contract cheating in higher education: Academic fraud beyond plagiarism".
Also: check out the following case studies from the most recent issue of the International Journal for Educational Integrity:

  • Baird, M. and Clare, J. (2017). Removing the opportunity for contract cheating in business capstones: a crime prevention case study
  • Clare, J., Walker, S. and Hobson, J. (2017). Can we detect contract cheating using existing assessment data? Applying crime prevention theory to an academic integrity issue

Plagiarism at Commencement

Graduates.jpgKansas community college leader accused of plagiarizing May commencement speech

In 2004, Hampton University valedictorian Tim Lee used the poem “The New ABC’s,” by Sherri ScottNovoa, in his commencement speech without attribution. In May, John D. Rios, chairman of Kansas City Kansas Community College, gave an eerily similar commencement speech, again without attribution.


Students: COD Wants Your Creative Ideas!

COD Academic Integrity Slogan Contest

Enter to win $$$
AIcontest.pngThis semester the Academic Integrity Implementation Committee is hosting a contest to name the Academic Integrity information campaign and want your creative ideas for a tagline or slogan that the College can use when communicating the importance of honesty in all academic endeavors. The caption selected for the campaign will be used in advertising, publicity and informational materials for the College’s Academic Integrity initiative, slated to start this fall.

The first prize is a $1500 award that can be used towards tuition as well as in our bookstore. There will also be two $500 prizes awarded.

For more information and to submit your entry, visit