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Teaching Strategies from Facing History

Facing History fosters empathy and reflection, improves students’ academic performance, reinvigorates teachers, and builds safe and inclusive schools.

We encourage teachers to use student-centered teaching strategies that nurture students' literacy and critical thinking skills within a respectful classroom climate. The strategies suggested here can be used with students of all ages with any academic content.

Example teaching strategies include:
     • Analyzing Visual Images and Stereotyping
     • Attribute Linking - Building Community by Taking Perspectives

Featured Collections include:
     • Justice & Human Rights
     • Bullying & Ostracism
     • Democracy & Civic Engagement
     • Race in US History
     • Holocaust
     • Media Literacy
     • Civil Rights Movement

Facing History has a rich collection of resources for any classroom.


Chronicle of Higher Ed - How Can Students Be Taught to Detect Fake News and Dubious Claims?

"When a Stanford University report last month proclaimed that many students could not detect fake or misleading information online, the findings caused a stir.

From January 2015 to June 2016, the researchers gave thousands of students, from middle school to college, tasks to see how adept they were at assessing the credibility of such information. Could they tell a native advertisement from a news article? Identify a partisan website as biased? Tell a verified social-media account from an unauthenticated one?

The researchers summarized their conclusions with a discouraging word: 'bleak.'"
This article requires an active Chronicle of Higher Education account, but you can get one for free with your COD email – click here for instructions


Source Evaluation G.I.F.T.S.

GIFT-red.pngUsing Memes to Evaluate Sources and Encourage Visual Literacy
     • Students will conduct online research in order to understand the context a visual meme
     • Students will evaluate the source using the CRAAP test in order to determine its credibility

After reviewing and discussing prior knowledge of source evaluation and memes, review and discuss the evaluative criteria of the CRAAP test. Demonstrate the process for researching a meme:
     • Google the meme title
     • Identify the origin of the meme using Know Your Meme
     • Identify and use key words from Know Your Meme to search for an article that explains the meme's context

In groups of 3-4, students are given a Meme worksheet. Each group will work to research their given meme, find a source and evaluate it.

General Education Outcomes: ILc. Locate information effectively and efficiently; ILd. Evaluate information and its sources critically


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Adobe Career Bootcamp, Nov. 19

Adobe Career Bootcamp

This Saturday, November 19th, from 9:00am to 1:00pm COD Adobe Education Leaders will be hosting the first ever Adobe Career Bootcamp at the Playhouse Theater in the MAC. The Bootcamp is a free, four-hour intensive workshop, open to the entire COD community, that will train participants in the skills of networking and presentation.

Adobe Career Bootcamp is a half-day intensive learning experience focusing on the strategies of launching a creative career in any field.

Bootcamp will train you to network with potential clients and employers, curate your portfolio, present yourself like a pro, and turn compliments into job offers. Packed with insights from insiders, experiential workshops, and a networking simulation where you can practice newly acquired skills, you’ll leave armed with a competitive edge in your industry. Admission is free and open to the entire COD community. Adobe is giving away three or four one-year licenses for the complete Creative Cloud Suite.

For more information and to enroll go to the following link:

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