Sabbaticals & One-Semester Non-Teaching Assignments (Leaves)

Do you:thumb_overworked.pngoutdoor_0.jpg
Need a break?
Want to concentrate on research?

Are you:
Furthering your education?
Forging community ties?
Seeking rejuvenation?
"Giving back"--here or abroad?

If you say "yes" to any of these questions, and you, your program(s), the College and our students will benefit from your proposed leave experience...

Apply for a Sabbatical or One Semester Non-Teaching Assignment!

It's in the CODFA Contract!

thumb_researching.JPGClick here and review Section I 9 Leaves: Sabbatical and One Semester Non-teaching Assignment; Section I 9.1 Sabbatical Leaves; and Section I 9.2 Semester Non-teaching Assignment Leave (pp. 67-69). Here is a Word document containing these sections.

Download the Application Form

Download the Application Form

Important Dates

thumb_reminder.JPGDecember 1st
Submit application form to your Dean or appropriate administrator for a sabbatical/leave taken in the following academic year
by January 20th
All application materials shall be received by the Committee
February 28th
Committee makes recommendations to the President

Ask Your Colleagues

thumb_writing.JPGLeaves and Sabbaticals can be life or career-changing events. Each one is unique, but they all share the common characteristics of being beneficial to the faculty member, program(s), the College, and our students. Interested in hearing from previous sabbatical/leave recipients? Looking for insight and recommendations prior to submitting your proposal? Here are lists of previous recipients:

One-Semester Leave Recipients

Sabbatical Recipients

Sabbatical & Semester Leave Committee

crossroads4.jpgCommittee Chair
Kirk Overstreet, Assistant Provost of Instruction
Tom Brady, Associate Dean, Public Services
Kris Fay, Dean, Business and Technology
Marianne Hunnicutt, Dean, Social/Behavioral Sciences and the Library, and Interim Dean, STEM
Scott Banjavcic, Engineering
Lisa Ely, Respiratory Care
Lisa Higgins, English
Debra Smith, Library

Additional Resources

video-recording-of-scientific-research.jpgEssay on How to Enjoy a Sabbatical, by Sybil L. Holloway

Five Steps to a Successful Sabbatical, by Chris Tachibana

More Sabbatical/Leave Articles and Books from the COD Library Catalog Yes, there are Web sites and assistance for finding housing while on Sabbatical/Leave--this is one of several available!