Accessible & Assistive Services

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Library faculty and staff can assist any Library user with the services described on this page. You can ask for assistance in-person at the Reference Center, or call the Reference Center at (630) 942-3364.

Reference Center staff can also be contacted by e-mail using the Ask a Librarian service.

Students who need extensive help using Library resources should arrange for a personal assistant through the COD Center for Access and Accommodations:

Location: Student Services Center (SSC), Room 3249
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (630) 942-2154
TDD: (630) 858-9692


The Library has hundreds of books on tape and compact disc. In the Library Catalog, these are referred to as "audiobooks".
You can search the Library Catalog by book title, and include a keyword of: audiobook
Click here for a long list of Audiobooks.

Closed-captioned videos

Closed-captioned videos are shelved throughout the Library’s collection, as well as in the rental video collection.
You can search for them in the Library Catalog by video title.
You can click here of a long list of closed-captioned videos.
Other non-Library materials may be borrowed through the Captioned Media Program (

Large Print Books

Large Print books may be found in the Library Catalog.
Specific Large Print books may be requested through the I-SHARE or Interlibrary Loan services.
Click here for a list of our Large Print books.

Accessible Computer Workstations

Two computer workstations with large displays, attached printers, and trackball mice are located in front of the Reference Center. There is another similar computer available near the Career and College Information Collection (CCIC) on the upper level of the Library.
All of the computer workstations allow you to enlarge the size of the screen text that you are looking at.
In some of the databases, some of the articles have an icon to click on so that the database will read the article out loud to you.

These workstations also run the following assistive software

Aladdin Classic
Alddin Classic video magnifier

The Aladdin Classic is a black and white video magnifier designed for use by people who have visual impairments. Printed materials can be displayed in high-contrast black text on a white background or white text on a black background. This system can also be used for viewing three-dimensional objects and a heavy-duty reading table permits reading heavy books.
The Aladdin Classic is located upstairs near the Microfilm cabinets.

Ovation scanner

The Ovation scans and stores text of any kind and converts it into audio. The Ovation's flatbed scanner can scan newspapers, books, and magazines. You can move through your printed material by page, paragraph or sentence and you can adjust the speed and volume of the audio.
The Ovation is located upstairs near the Microfilm cabinets.

Half-Qwerty Keyboard

A one-handed keyboard is available for patrons with hand-related physical disabilities. This device looks like a traditional full-sized keyboard but has two embedded half-keyboards and allows typing with either hand or both hands at once.

You can check out the keyboard from the Library Circulation desk, then contact Computing Support and Printing Services staff to connect it to any computer in the Library. (This device is only available for use in the Library.)

Assistive keyboard

Talking Calculator

A talking calculator is available from the Library Circulation Desk. This calculator features an eight-digit screen and a voice that speaks as you enter digits and operators. Headphones to use with this calculator are also available for check-out.

Page Magnifier

A page magnifier is available at the Reference Center.

The Library also has a variety of equipment available for checkout.