Biblioboard: Indie Illinois


Available free to all Illinois residents through the Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS).


The Indie Illinois collection contains books from Illinois authors that are independently published. Selections are from a variety of genres: non-fiction, romance, mystery, horror, and more.
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Students, Faculty, and Staff
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Biblioboard: Pop up Picks


Available free to all Illinois residents through the Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS).


Provided by RAILS (Reaching Across Illinois Library System), Pop-up Picks is a collection of popular ebooks that are freely available to residents of Illinois.
Read more about this collection here.
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Popup Picks - Your unlimited source for free e-books!

PopupPicks (1).jpgDo you live in Illinois? Well, you are now the lucky recipient of unlimited access to curations of the best e-books from around the world and around the corner with Popup Picks! Thanks to RAILS (Reaching Across Illinois Library System), you can select from rotating collections of hand-curated award-winning SF, travel, humor, self-help, YA, graphic novels and more!

Current collections include:

  • Book Club Summer Reads
  • Girls Rule
  • On the Go
  • Recovering the Classics
  • Comics & Graphic Novels

Popup Picks is free and easy to use - no waitlists, no library card, no checkouts. Just head to Popup Picks , select a book, and start reading.

For more options (annotations, bookmarks, favorites list, access from outside IL) you can create a BiblioBoard Library profile or download the app from iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.

For more information visit http://popuppicks.com/faq-readers/

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Overdrive is a growing collection of popular e-books and e-audio available for download to your device or your computer. More information about using Overdrive is available at: http://www.codlrc.org/overdrive

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OverDrive at COD Library - cod.overdrive.com

Getting Started with the OverDrive App

You can use the free OverDrive app to borrow and enjoy digital titles from the Library's e-book and e-audiobook collection.

The OverDrive app is available for Android, Chromebook, iOS, Kindle and more. OverDrive also has a desktop app for Windows and Mac. for more information, see the Getting Started guides below.

Step 1

Install the OverDrive app from your device’s app store or from app.overdrive.com.

Step 2

If prompted, sign into the OverDrive app.
NOTE: To determine which app sign-in option is best for you, visit help.overdrive.com.

Step 3

Find and save your library’s digital collection in the OverDrive app.

Step 4

Open your library’s OverDrive collection, sign in, and borrow a title.
You’ll need a valid COD Library card to complete this step.

Step 5

Borrowed titles will appear on your Loans page in your library’s digital collection. From here, you can download titles to your bookshelf in the OverDrive app or send Kindle Books to your Kindle device or Kindle reading app.

New Books on the Magic Wall

newMAgicWall.jpgHave you visited the Library's Magic Wall lately?

If you enjoy ebooks or audiobooks, the Magic Wall is your place to discover popular fiction and nonfiction. Just download the Axis360 App to your Android, Kindle Fire or iOS Device and select from hundreds of bestselling title.

Some our newest additions include:

  • Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff
  • Midnight Sun by Jo Nesbo
  • My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout
  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by Kimberly Barker (now a movie staring Tina Fey!)
  • Find Her by Lisa Gardner

Head to http://cod.axis360.baker-taylor.com soon - these bestsellers get checked out fast!

Free E-Book of the Month

The UCP free e-book for July is "Doña Barbara" by Rómulo Gallegos. 9780226279206.jpeg
From the University of Chicago Press:

"Following the epic struggle between two cousins for an estate in Venezuela, Doña Barbara is an examination of the conflict between town and country, violence and intellect, male and female. Doña Barbara is a beautiful and mysterious woman—rumored to be a witch—with a ferocious power over men. When her cousin Santos Luzardo returns to the plains in order to reclaim his land and cattle, he reluctantly faces off against Doña Barbara, and their battle becomes simultaneously one of violence and seduction. All of the action is set against the stunning backdrop of the Venezuelan prairie, described in loving detail. Gallegos’s plains are filled with dangerous ranchers, intrepid cowboys, and damsels in distress, all broadly and vividly drawn. A masterful novel with an important role in the inception of magical realism, Doña Barbara is a suspenseful tale that blends fantasy, adventure, and romance."

Download it right now and enjoy this classic novel from Venezuela this weekend!


Axis 360 E-Books


The Axis360 collection features e-books and audiobooks in popular fiction, graphic novels, biographies, humor and more. Titles can be checked out and downloaded for free for use on Android, Apple, Kindle, Nook and Windows devices.

Off-campus Availability: 
Students, Faculty, and Staff
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Includes full-text content

Cancelled FY16

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Axis 360 for Kindle Fire

Step 2: Create a Blio Account in a web browser on your computer or Kindle Fire

  1. Go to Blio website to register for Blio account. (https://www.blio.com)
  2. Fill out your information and submit

Step 3: Download Blio App to your Kindle Fire

  1. Go to the device’s Home screen by clicking the Home button in the lower left corner.
  2. In the upper corner of the Home screen the time will be displayed. Touch and drag this down, to open the “Settings” menu.
  3. Select “More”.
  4. From the options list select “Device”
  5. Select “ON” for the option “Allow Installation of Applications for Unknown Sources.” (Once you have finished downloading the app, you may turn this option back to “OFF”)
  6. Go back to the Home Screen, and click on “Web” at the top right.
  7. Go to the URL: http://bits.blioreader.com/update/
  8. Choose the link KNFB Blio 3.0.8 PROD.apk
  9. Click on the number displayed in the upper left corner of the Kindle Fire. This number indicates that the app has been queued for installation. To complete the installation of the Blio app, open the “Settings” menu again and click on “More”
  10. You will be directed to the “Install Blio” page. Click on “Install” at the bottom right.”
  11. When “Install Complete” displays, click “Done” at the bottom.
  12. Return to the device’s Home screen. The Blio icon shows you have successfully downloaded the Blio app.

Step 4: Download eBooks from web browser

  1. Using a web browser either on a computer or tablet/smartphone, go to the library's Magic Wall.
  2. Enter the title, author, or subject in search box or browse through the Magic Wall.
  3. To search, click/tap Search (magnifying) icon; and/or select eBook title, by tapping/clicking on the book cover
  4. Select applicable format: Blio (Kindle Fire);
  5. If you prefer a checkout period less than 21 days, Add to “Checkout List”
  6. Click/Tap “Ok” to confirm
  7. Click/Tap “My Checkout List” in the upper right corner
  8. On the lending period bar, slide to the left to modify due date to the desired loan period (minimum loan period is 1 day)
  9. Scroll down screen to “Confirm Checkout”
  10. If you prefer the maximum check out period of 21 days, click/tap “Checkout Now”
  11. Login, enter your library card ID and PIN
  12. Successful check out confirmed, click “Ok”
  13. Enter your Blio ID & password, and click Login
  14. Click OK (the title will be delivered to your device)
  15. Launch the Blio App by tapping on it once. Log in using your Blio ID.
  16. To read, open Blio reader on your device and click “Get Books” at bottom right
  17. Tap to download items, if they do not begin downloading right away. (May have to go under Blio settings and make sure “Auto-Download” is in the “ON” position.
  18. Tap “DONE” once book is finished installing.

Axis 360 for E-readers

Step 2: Create an Adobe ID/account

  1. Go to Adobe website to register for an Adobe ID. (http://www.adobe.com/products/digital-editions.html)
  2. Fill out your information and submit.

Step 3: Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software on your PC

  1. Go to http://www.adobe.com/products/digital-editions.html
  2. Install/Download Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software on your PC
  3. When done, activate ADE with your Adobe ID & password

Step 4: Checkout an eBook

  1. Using a web browser, go to the Library's Magic Wall.
  2. Enter the title, author, or subject in search box or browse through the Magic Wall.
  3. To search, click Search (magnifying) icon; and/or select eBook title, by clicking on the book cover.
  4. Choose the ePub format, and click “Checkout Now”.
  5. Enter your library card number and pin to login.
  6. Click “Ok” for successful checkout.
  7. Leave the browser window open.

Step 5: Download your eBook to ADE

  1. Click on the “Download” link
  2. Your browser will prompt you to open the eBook in ADE. Click “Ok”.
  3. Once the eBook is downloaded, it will open in ADE automatically.
  4. Click the “Library” button in the top left-hand corner.
  5. Leave the ADE window open.

Step 6: Side-load the eBook to Your Device from Adobe Digital Editions

  1. Connect your device to the computer using your USB cord.
  2. Your device will display in ADE.
  3. Click and drag the book jacket to the device. You will know the eBook has been placed on the device when a green plus sign is shown, and then you can unclick to release the title to the device.
  4. Once the eBook is done being loaded onto your device, properly eject your device as you would a flash drive.
  5. Open the eBook on your eReader and start reading!

If you would like to return an eBook early: In ADE, select the book by left clicking on it once. Right click to open the book’s menu. Select “Return Borrowed Item.”



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