Students: COD Wants Your Creative Ideas!

COD Academic Integrity Slogan Contest

Enter to win $$$
AIcontest.pngThis semester the Academic Integrity Implementation Committee is hosting a contest to name the Academic Integrity information campaign and want your creative ideas for a tagline or slogan that the College can use when communicating the importance of honesty in all academic endeavors. The caption selected for the campaign will be used in advertising, publicity and informational materials for the College’s Academic Integrity initiative, slated to start this fall.

The first prize is a $1500 award that can be used towards tuition as well as in our bookstore. There will also be two $500 prizes awarded.

For more information and to submit your entry, visit

Popup Picks - Your unlimited source for free e-books!

PopupPicks (1).jpgDo you live in Illinois? Well, you are now the lucky recipient of unlimited access to curations of the best e-books from around the world and around the corner with Popup Picks! Thanks to RAILS (Reaching Across Illinois Library System), you can select from rotating collections of hand-curated award-winning SF, travel, humor, self-help, YA, graphic novels and more!

Current collections include:

  • Book Club Summer Reads
  • Girls Rule
  • On the Go
  • Recovering the Classics
  • Comics & Graphic Novels

Popup Picks is free and easy to use - no waitlists, no library card, no checkouts. Just head to Popup Picks , select a book, and start reading.

For more options (annotations, bookmarks, favorites list, access from outside IL) you can create a BiblioBoard Library profile or download the app from iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.

For more information visit

PopupPicks.jpg class=

Summer Reading - Audiobooks (& eBooks!)

504x504_SummerReading.png COD Library Audiobooks and eBooks can be your best companion on any summer outing! Take them to the beach, the pool, on cross-country roadtrips, or international flights - you literally have nothing to lose! Check out books from OverDrive and you won't have to worry about damp pages, sand in the binding or a book left behind in a hotel.

OverDrive is easy to use! Learn more at or try out one of our popular eBooks below.

2017 Pulitzer Prize Winner - The Underground Railroad

For distinguished fiction published in book form during the year by an American author, preferably dealing with American life, Fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000).
The Underground Railroad, by Colson Whitehead (Doubleday)
For a smart melding of realism and allegory that combines the violence of slavery and the drama of escape in a myth that speaks to contemporary America. -

Sample the book now!

What's a Filter Bubble and How Do You Get Out of It?

2816187638_1e213ea669_o.jpgThe term filter bubble was coined by Eli Pariser in his book of the same name in reference to the problem created when users rely on personalized searches and, as a result, become separated from information that disagrees with their viewpoints. Examples include Google Personalized Search and Facebook's news stream.

Here are just a few tools that can help you get outside of your filter bubble.

Escape Your Bubble
A Chrome extension that inserts "curated, positive posts" into your Facebook feed with the goal of helping you develop an understanding of the opposing party. Not on Facebook? Escape Your Bubble will send you articles via email, too.

Learn what it's like to view the world through someone else's Twitter feed. FlipFeed uses social network analysis to find a feed that leans differently from you own and provide you with allow you to navigate content with a radically different lens. Developed by MIT Media Lab's Laboratory for Social Machines.

Read Across the Aisle
"Just as your Fitbit reminds you to get up and walk around after an hour of inactivity, this app will notice when you’ve gotten a little too comfortable in your filter bubble—and it’ll remind you to go see what other folks are reading."

For more tools and more information about the filter bubble, visit

“. Bubbles .” by Denise Mayumiis licensed under CC BY 2.0

Required Reading: Politics, Dystopias and More

Savage_Dystopian.jpgWe can't keep these books on the shelf!

via Esquire
image source: Jared Rodriguez/Truthout

Waist Deep in Information

If you are looking at Facebook, following Twitter, watching the news, reading the paper, or otherwise engaging in the world, you're probably feeling a bit inundated information-wise. And while it's one thing to sort through the tidal wave for your own purposes, it's another thing entirely when you need information to shape an argument or informed position.

Whether you're talking to friends, writing a paper or presenting a speech, you need to be informed about your information. Take a look at the Library's Source Evaluation guide for resources that can help you check facts, escape the filter bubble, discern fake news from facts, and evaluate sources regardless of format.

It's not just simple - it's Library Simple

Easy as Pie.jpg

“Well, that was easy!”

Sometimes, if you don’t know the trick, the easiest things can seem frustratingly impossible. In the Library, we not only make it look easy, we make it easy – by teaching you the techniques that save you time and trouble.

In our never-ending quest to simplify the work you do every day, we’ve created Library Simple – a series of short videos (2 minutes or less) that teach you tips and tricks to help you manage the information your use at work, school and home.

Wondering how to request a journal article from another library? Here’s how in 5 Library Simple steps. Did you know that you can use Google Scholar to identify materials available through the COD Library databases? This, too, only takes 5 Library Simple steps. There are two easy methods for creating a hanging indent in Microsoft Word – one method involves just 3 Library Simple steps!

Curious? Watch and learn from our growing collection of Library Simple videos on our YouTube channel - Library Simple videos can be embedded easily into Blackboard or shared via Facebook, Twitter and more – share the skills. It’s Library Simple.

AlphaGo Artificial Intelligence System Defeats World Go Champion

Google's AlphaGoIn a development that could have far reaching societal and technological implications, a Google-sponsored artificial intelligence program called AlphaGo defeated Lee Sedol, an 18-time world champion of the board game Go, 4-1 in a 5 game series. Considered a much greater challenge than beating a human at Chess, creating a computer program that can beat humans at Go demonstrates the incredible capabilities of current advanced Artificial Intelligence systems. Cade Metz writes in Wired magazine, "this path to victory highlights the power and the mystery of the machine learning technologies that underpin Google’s creation—technologies that are already reinventing so many online services inside companies like Google and Facebook, and are poised to remake everything from scientific research to robotics."

So what does it mean when a machine can beat humans at what is considered to be one of the most difficult strategy games on Earth? Do humans need to be more worried about being overtaken by cyber-overlords? Maybe or maybe not. This week, Gizmodo published a useful discussion about some of the most important issues currently facing the AI-human relationship. Only time will show how this plays out, but there is no denying AI is already at an advanced stage of reasoning and decision-making, and it may soon reach a level of intelligence we consider "human."

Group Study Rooms

students using a group study roomAs the end of the semester approaches, you may be looking for a place for your study group to meet or a place to work on final group projects. If that's the case, check out a group study room at the Library.

Group study rooms are available for groups of 2 to 12. Most are equipped with plug and play monitors, whiteboards, work surfaces, and different types of comfortable seating. All you need is a group and a Library card.

You can learn more about our group study rooms on our Spaces page. To check out a room, just come by the upper level Library circulation desk with at least one other member of your group and get your room!


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