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Finding Books

Use the COD Library catalog to find books & videos. Click on the "keyword" tab to search using multiple search terms and limit your results by
material type (book, video), date, or language. You'll need a current College of DuPage Library card to check out books.

Reference Works

Reference works, such as dictionaries and encyclopedias are useful for learning about background information on a topic
Please note that print reference books may be used while in the library only. Online reference books may be accessed from any on or off-campus computer. You'll need a College of DuPage Library card to access online books and articles from off-campus.
Click on the links below to access the online book/website or record/description of the print book.


The Library owns many Physics films in DVD, VHS and streaming formats. Check the list of titles at:


The Library subscribes to many databases that provide access to thousands of popular and credible, scholarly journals. Many databases provide access to full-text articles, while some provide information about the article only (citation). Request (for free!) through Interlibrary Loan copies of articles to which the Library doesn't have full-text access.

Access the article databases listed below.

Best Bet links: Databases and Journal Holdings


  • American Physical Society
    Professional organization for physicists in the U.S. For current newes and noteworthy resaarch in areas of physics, click on the "Physics" link at the top of the screen.
  • College Physics for Students of Biology and Chemistry
    Hypertext for first year physics students with a knowledge of algebra and college work in biology and chemistry. Intended for students entering biology, health, and chemistry-related fields.
  • comPADRE Digital Library
    Free online resource collections supporting faculty, students, and teachers in Physics and Astronomy Education. A member of the National Science Digital Library.
  • DC Physics Help for Students
    Useful collection of links to computer animations of physics concepts, lecture notes, online tutorials and more.
  • Flash Animations for Physics
    83 animations illustrating physics concepts from David Harrison of the University of Toronto.
  • Learn Physics Today
    Basic, non-calculus online tutorial on mechanics, lights and waves, sound and electricity.
  • Martindale's Reference Desk: Calculators & Physics
    Gateway to many useful physics sites plus many online calculators.
  • NIST Physical Reference Data
    Constants and other data useful for physics students.
  • NSDL: National Science Digital Library
    Search for useful resources in physics (or sub-topics) in this National-Science Foundation-funded website that indexes exemplary internet resources in the sciences and makes them available for educational purposes.
  • Physics Central
    Physics news, podcasts and vodcasts, and answers to questions on how things work from the American Physical Society.
  • Physics of Road Runner
    Spot the ways the laws of physics are broken (or bent) as Wile E. Coyote tries to catch Road Runner in these short clips from the classic cartoon.
  • PhysLink
    Physics and astronomy web site with links to essays, physics reference tables, answers to physics questions and more.
    From the British Institute of Physics, news, links to Resources, and more.
  • Phys.Org
    The news of science, especially physics, technology and engineering, updated daily.
  • Physics to Go
    A monthly mini-magazine and a collection of more than 1000 websites with physics images, activities, and information, Browse to see physics topics covered in the various issues.
  • Powers of Ten
    View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth, then move through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude, finally going down microscopically to electrons, protons and quarks.
  • Superconductors
    History, types, uses and research efforts investigating the elements, compounds, and alloys that conduct electricity without resistance.
  • Yahoo's Index of Physics Links
    Search for information by physics subject categories or by keyword.
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