Bacteria Model

A comprehensive presentation of the prokaryotic cell, this model is an ideal visualization of bacterium structure. Largely magnified, this model includes four models on the same base. A cross-section of a general prokaryotic cell, illustrates typical structures as pili, flagella, inclusion body, plasmids and chromosome; while a model of a spore is partially cut away to show all its different layers, from the exosporium to the cytoplasmic membrane. Additionally, two schematic representations of the cell wall of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria are shown. All the main structures, shown in minute detail, are numbered and referenced on the included key guide for study and review.

Dual Sex Urinary System

This Urinary System all-in-one-model shows: structures of retroperitoneal cavity, large and small pelvis with bones and muscles, inferior vena cava, aorta with its branches including iliacal vessels, upper urinary tract, rectum, and kidney with adrenal gland. One front half of a kidney is removable from the anatomical model of the urinary system. Features easy to change male insert (bladder and prostate, front and rear half) and female insert (bladder, womb and ovaries, 2 lateral halves).

Scientific Pregnancy Series

The 3B Scientific L11 pregnancy series model is used for anatomical study of human development from the fourth week through the seventh month. The L11 consists of nine natural-size models for effective demonstration: 25X life-size, four week human embryo; first month embryo; second month embryo; third month embryo; fourth month fetus (transverse lie); fifth month fetus (breech position); fifth month fetus (transverse lie); fifth month twin fetuses (normal position); and seventh month fetus. The fetus is removable in the fourth to seventh-month models. (Not all models pictured.)

Kidney with Organs of the Upper Abdomen

Depicts the anatomy of the human urinary system and digestive system. The upper abdominal organs are attached in their natural anatomical positions and are removable from the kidneys. The front half of the kidney is removable to reveal the renal pelvis, renal calices, renal cortex, and renal medulla. The upper abdomen shows the duodenum (partially opened), gallbladder (partially opened), bile ducts (opened), pancreas (revealing large ducts) and the spleen and surrounding vessels in natural size.


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