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Jeeves Who? Ask Watson!

Micromedex has a new feature on their database: Ask Watson. Health Sciences students will appreciate this addition to the regular search options.

Use this tool to find answers to basic drug questions. This is an excellent option for when you need to find the information quickly. Ask Watson for what you need using "everyday language"--you don't need to worry about Boolean operators or sneaky search tactics.

Interested in learned more about Micromedex? Check out our research guide, which covers Micromedex, mobileMicromedex, and CareNotes. The guide will even show you how to cite this database within your assignments.

Students and faculty with a COD library card are able to access this database from off-campus. Questions? Ask a librarian!

Celebrate Women's History Month

usa-rosieriveter__1.jpgCelebrate Women's History Month with Click: The Ongoing Feminist Revolution! This interactive website is dedicated to exploring women's history and gender studies. Explore the achievements and breakthroughs by women since the 1940's.

Browse by the timeline, which breaks major events and figures into "chapters". Or, pick a broader category such as Politics & Social Movements, Body & Health, Workplace & Family, or In the Classroom. Videos, original essays, and vintage ads round out the content, providing a broad focus and additional context to the progress made over the last 80 years.

This website serves as a great jumping off point for casual researchers, teachers building a lesson plan, or students seeking additional sources. Interested in learning more? Check out this post, which includes content from our databases. We also have a research guide you may find helpful.

Check Out This Fashionably Fresh Database

Have you seen the forecast? No, we're not talking about another snowstorm. We're talking about trend forecasts!

This spring, when it comes to swimwear, brown is the new black.

While it's hardly good swimming weather right now, that hasn't stopped us from exploring upcoming style trends on WGSN. This is an excellent resource for anyone studying fashion, beauty, textiles, and business. Access trend forecasts and insights into consumer behavior--or just browse the gorgeous photos.

WGSN is available on and off-campus to students, faculty, and staff at the College of DuPage. Access WGSN by creating your personal account using your College of DuPage email address. ( Students:; Faculty & Staff: ).

WGSN accounts will become inactive after 90 days if you do not use it. If your account expires, just login again to reactivate your account.

Questions about setting up your account? You can ask a librarian, or take a look at our guide.

STEM Videos We Suggest

Untitled_2.jpgWhile many of our databases include videos and tutorials, sometimes it's just easier to pop over to Youtube. If you're looking for easy-to-follow videos about STEM topics (especially math, science, and computer programming), check out Socratica's Youtube channel. Founded by Caltech grads, this user-friendly channel is broken up into playlists by subject and theme.

We learned something new about black holes, explored Python, and picked up studying tips like the Pomodoro technique.

If you're interested in more in-depth lessons, check out and our online video databases. Questions? Ask a librarian! We'd love to hear from you.

What to Read When You're Out of Episodes

07-you-101.w700.h700_0.jpgWhile we love helping with research questions, it's always fun when we're asked for book recommendations. In the past few years, we've noticed an increase in queries about finding "readalikes" for TV shows and movies.

Novelist Plus makes it easy to find authors and titles with the same appeal as your newest media obsession. Fans of the Netflix hit, You, might enjoy Thirteen Steps Down by Ruth Rendell. Still thinking about The Hate U Give? Check out Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds.

Remember, you'll need a COD student or staff library card in order to access databases from off campus. Still have questions? Ask a librarian! We'd love to hear your recommendations.

Steam Powered Tooth Extraction, Anyone?

Have you ever visited the Public Domain Review? Check out this site to find essays, public collections, and more. Our favorite stories this week were Filling in the Blanks: A Prehistory of the Adult Coloring Craze, and The Dancing Plague of 1518.

If you're a fan of artwork, take a look at Early Experiments with X-Rays (1896) or Steam-Powered Tooth Extraction on an Envelope (1894). If you're wondering what "Public Domain" is, or you want to learn more about copyrights, check out our guide. Still have questions? Ask a Librarian--we'd love to hear from you!

Record-Breaking Research Tools

download (1).jpeg
Over the last week, we've had several questions about record-breaking temperatures. While there are lots of great general websites to find that type of information, we'd like to highlight a few of our databases that helped us answer the latest reference queries:

The Statistical Abstract of the United States is the authoritative and comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic conditions of the United States. We were able to view tables of average snowfall for the last several years, issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Statista provided a bar graph detailing the rising interest in global warming's effects on "extreme weather" based on a survey by the Yale Program on Climate Change. Explore the ready-made infographics if you need a visual aid to prove that it was, in fact, too cold to walk the dog last week!

Using Credo Reference, we were able to learn more about health concerns during extreme cold. An article about frostbite from Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health served as a helpful reminder on what signs to watch out for.

Remember, to access databases from off-campus, you'll need a COD staff or student library card. If you're interested in learning more about COD's collection of databases, ask a librarian. We're always happy to hear from you!

Explore Libraries around the World with Library Planet

Have you ever heard of library tourism? Library Planet explores libraries from around the world. Visit the site for amazing photos and stories--or to contribute photos of your own visit! This project is crowd-sourced and relies on content contribution from users.

You don't need to be a bookworm to appreciate Library Planet--the architecture alone is breathtaking. In addition to grand historic buildings, you can also peek inside smaller local libraries (This photo was taken at a library in Tanzania)

If you're interested in traveling beyond the world wide web, check out our general collection for up-to-date travel books for a variety of countries. We also have several Travel and Tourism databases. Need help locating a resource? You can always ask a librarian--we'd love to hear from you!

Pre-Semester Test Prep

young-woman-man-studying-test-exam-tutor-books-wi-friends-students-campus-helps-friend-catching-up-95381367.jpgDo you have an exam or important test coming up in the next semester? The Library's Career and College Information Collection has a variety of exam guides, practice tests, and study aides.

You can also get a jump-start on your studying without leaving the couch! LearningExpress Library 3.0 provides study materials for most major tests, like the ACTs and NCLEX-RN. There's also a section for preparing for the Work Keys certifications--something we get a lot of questions about here at the Reference Desk.

To access this database remotely, you'll need a COD student or staff library card. Questions? You can always ask a librarian. We'd love to hear from you!

"Snail Mail" Still Matters!

Are you anxiously awaiting the last minute holiday gifts you ordered? Stop checking the mailbox and start checking out America's Mailing Industry website. This project is part of the Smithsonian National Postal Museum, and provides a complete history of the United States Postal Service, along with videos, fun facts, and old photographs. Did you know that on this day in 1913, the first crossword puzzle was created? If you don't believe me, ask the commemorative stamp! You can also go on a virtual tour of the museum and visit virtual exhibits.

Still looking for ways to pass the time over winter break? Even though the Library is closed next week, all COD cardholders still have access to our Overdrive e-book collection. Or, page through some of our blog posts to catch media and database recommendations you may have missed during the semester.


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