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Pre-Semester Test Prep

young-woman-man-studying-test-exam-tutor-books-wi-friends-students-campus-helps-friend-catching-up-95381367.jpgDo you have an exam or important test coming up in the next semester? The Library's Career and College Information Collection has a variety of exam guides, practice tests, and study aides.

You can also get a jump-start on your studying without leaving the couch! LearningExpress Library 3.0 provides study materials for most major tests, like the ACTs and NCLEX-RN. There's also a section for preparing for the Work Keys certifications--something we get a lot of questions about here at the Reference Desk.

To access this database remotely, you'll need a COD student or staff library card. Questions? You can always ask a librarian. We'd love to hear from you!

"Snail Mail" Still Matters!

Are you anxiously awaiting the last minute holiday gifts you ordered? Stop checking the mailbox and start checking out America's Mailing Industry website. This project is part of the Smithsonian National Postal Museum, and provides a complete history of the United States Postal Service, along with videos, fun facts, and old photographs. Did you know that on this day in 1913, the first crossword puzzle was created? If you don't believe me, ask the commemorative stamp! You can also go on a virtual tour of the museum and visit virtual exhibits.

Still looking for ways to pass the time over winter break? Even though the Library is closed next week, all COD cardholders still have access to our Overdrive e-book collection. Or, page through some of our blog posts to catch media and database recommendations you may have missed during the semester.

Database Details You Can Use

study-hacks_0.jpgThe semester is almost over, and we're getting a lot of questions about how to access and search our databases from off-campus.

You'll need a COD student or staff library card to access databases from home. Don't have time to come in and turn your ID into a library card? You can fill out our online form (please keep in mind that this option has an estimated 24 hour turnaround time).

Struggling to log in? Check out our Database Access Help Page.

Looking for tips and tricks for an individual database? Many of our research guides include general search tips, as well as specific tools for certain databases like CINAHL and Science Direct.

Still have questions? You can ask a librarian via phone, email, or chat--or come visit us at the reference desk! (check our calendar to see when we're open).

Suspended Bologna, and Other Things to Freak Your Aunt Out

01ea911af9eb9384f66d46c114432419.jpgAre you looking for a recipe to wow your extended family? Or maybe you want to make sure you're never asked to bring a dish-to-pass again? Take a gander at Jell-O: America’s Most Famous Dessert: At Home Everywhere. Visit this site for amazing recipes, vintage art, and weird story submissions. The University Of Michigan has provided an extensive exhibit of all things Jello.

If this foray into culinary arts doesn't interest you, check out the COD Library catalog for cookbooks from every category. Ask a librarian for recommendations for your next meal!

Rev Up Your Road Trip with Overdrive

Best-audio-books-app-for-Android-free-audiobook-player.jpgAre you traveling over Thanksgiving break? Whether you're driving across the state, or just along for the ride, we have resources to keep you entertained on your trek.

Overdrive provides e-books and electronic audiobooks via an easy-to-use app. Using your COD library card, you can download the latest popular fiction and non-fiction. You'll be able to pack light, and still hold a virtual library in your back pocket.

Questions about how to use the app? Check out our online guides, or ask a librarian!

Check Out This Flood of Information on Natural Disasters

firefighter-fighting-a-raging-wildfire--silhouette.jpgHave you been keeping up with the latest wildfire out in California? We wanted to learn more about wildfires and other natural disasters, so we turned to National Geographic's Natural Disasters page.

Keep up with the latest news regarding current natural disasters, watch videos about everything from avalanches to tsunamis, and learn safety tips for if you're ever stuck near an erupting volcano.

If you're interested in learning more about natural disasters, or digging deeper with some scholarly research, take a peek at our Meteorology Guide!

Take a Picture--It Will Last Longer!

A_Surgican_Operation.jpgIn the last few weeks, we've gotten several requests for help finding images for various assignments. Some students needed detailed medical images, while others required a clear shot of a famous sculpture.

If you're looking for a visual to punch up your presentation, check out the Library's digital image collections. The Saskia Digital Image Archive is an especially useful resource for those studying art and the humanities. The collection contains 30,000 digital images of paintings, sculpture and architecture, including images from many important collections: the Prado, the Kunsthistorisches Museum, the Uffizi, and the Louvre as well as archaeological sites in Greece, Italy, Turkey and Egypt. The images are displayed in both high resolution and thumbnail format. Additionally, the descriptive data about the images includes references to the occurrences of these images in 19 major art history texts, including Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, 12th edition; Understanding Art, 7th edition; Art and Ideas, 10th edition; Discovering Art History, 4th edition.

Please note that this particular database is only available on-campus. To access other databases from home, you'll need a COD staff or student library card. Once you've chosen your images, you'll need to cite them. Why not brush up on your image citation skills during our workshop, Get the Picture! How to Use and Cite Image Sources from COD Library Resources. Join us Wednesday, November 14th at 1PM, SRC 3104 to explore our image databases, and discuss how to give credit to the image source. Can't make it to the workshop? You can always ask a librarian.

Puddings of the Past, and more!

315299--187x300.jpgAre you sick of the same ole apple cider recipe that's been floating around Pinterest? Or maybe you're scrambling to find an "authentic" recipe for your grade-schooler's Harvest Festival. Or perhaps, you're just hungry!

Colonial Williamsburg Historic Foodways presents "History is Served", a website dedicated to sharing and replicating recipes from the 18th century. Check out the videos as food historians demonstrate proper techniques for whipping up a variety of menu items. Browse recipes and read comments from those who have tried them. The strawberry fritters look delicious, but we're not sure how to feel about chicken pudding!

Have You Seen CINAHL?

eb14f930eb4ccbf3e1327e9769c45a60_healthcare-nursing-informatics-by-menaka-sachchi-on-prezi-confused-nurse-clipart_220-150.jpegThis week we've been getting a lot of questions about CINAHL. A librarian may have visited your class to tell you all about it--but just in case you can't find your notes, or you've forgotten a certain step in the search process, we're here to help.

The online version of Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature, CINAHL Complete, covers nursing, allied health, biomedical and consumer health journals, publications of the American Nursing Association, and the National League for Nursing. Our version now includes the CINAHL Thesaurus and full text of over 1300 important nursing and clinical journals.

Check out our CINAHL Research Tips page, which includes helpful directions, screen shots, and examples. You'll also find a handout outlining ten steps for searching CINAHL. Still stuck? You can always Ask A Librarian. Remember, to access CINAHL from off campus, you'll need a COD staff or student library card.

Snuggle Up With a Scary Story

10-Horror-Books-Way-Scarier-Than-the-Films_0.jpgOctober: the month of cool breezes, falling leaves, warm drinks, pumpkins, Halloween and scary stories. Curl up with a good tale that makes you leave the bedroom light on. Watch a scary movie with friends.

The Library has selected a variety of books and films filled with frightening tales, terrifying creatures and bone chilling mysteries. Come see our Halloween display on the upper level of the Library near the Circulation Desk. All of the titles on display are available for checkout with a COD Library card. Looking for something specific? Check our catalog or Ask A Librarian!


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