New Database Alert: Check out Mintel!

Untitled_0.jpg Last week, we had several questions and research inquiries that we were able to answer using our newest database, Mintel.

Mintel provides market intelligence reports for a broad range of industries and consumer product categories.These market research reports cover such subjects as travel, food, and lifestyles. Data sources used are from Mintel’s own surveys, as well as Simmons, Infoscan’s IRI and trade research.

Even if you're not in a business class, you'll most likely need some of the information found on this database at some point. For example, cosmetology and horticulture students can use Mintel to find information needed to create business plans.

Next time you have a free moment, check it out! Once you accept the terms of service, you can create a free account and save market reports for future reference. Have questions about how you can use Mintel? Ask a librarian! Remember, you'll need a COD student or staff library card to access Mintel from off campus.