Emergency Management and Disaster Information

This C.O.D. Library Research Guide is intended to provide a starting point when one is beginning to conduct research for information about disasters, and particularly how government agencies prepare for them. This guide concentrates on Illinois and the Chicago metropolitan area. It is not exhaustive in its content, and the researcher will have to do a lot of digging in web sites and journal articles to find even more information. Be sure to ask the staff at the Library Reference Desk for assistance if you have questions or run into problems.

Library Catalogs

Look in the following catalogs for government publications, books, videos, Internet sites, maps, and other types of audiovisual items:

Outline of the Library of Congress Classification System (what COD uses to shelve its books).
I-SHARE (formerly Illinet Online): Get books from over 80 Illinois academic libraries
Interlibrary Loan, to get books and journal articles from other libraries around the country.

Reference Works

Why Reference Sources?

Is your research topic too big to cover in a short paper?  Is your topic so specific that sources will be hard to find?

Before you even begin your research, start the process with reference sources-- in the Library's Reference Section or online in our databases.  Reference books, like subject encyclopedias, can give you a head start and make your research easier in the long run.  Use reference sources to:

  • find a topic
  • narrow your topic
  • find keywords
  • get background information on your topic

Article Databases

You must have a valid College of DuPage library card to access the electronic indexes and databases from off-campus.

More C.O.D. Library journal and newspaper article databases.
Explanation of Scholarly Journals

Information about Government Agencies


Reference Works
Government Document Catalogs and Bibliographic Resources

Use these databases, plus the Library Catalogs listed above, to find citations to government publications about disasters, planning, and agencies. Some items will be available online, and a link to the item may be provided. For other print copies, ask at the Library Reference Desk for assistance in finding these items.



Reference Works

Counties (Illinois)

Cities (Illinois)

Geographic Information

Disaster Plans and Preparedness

Area Information

Other Websites

COD Websites

Evaluating Web Sites

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Interlibrary Loan

The Library can obtain copies of articles or books from other libraries for you. Inquire at the Reference Desk. You may also consult journal title lists from other libraries in the area.

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Citing Sources

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