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$999.00 Textbook? Nah, its only $313.00. Cold Comfort.

Read this crazy story from the University of Louisiana about students being kinda-sorta mistakenly charged $999.00 for a single textbook:

And the UL Provost's response about the cost actually being "only" $313.00! What a savings!
Not to mention the typo in the title. Written with haste, obvs. :)

Want to know more about NO COST textbook options? Visit


Ready for Research?

We've seen lots of new faces around the Library this week, and we hope to keep seeing you! Right now we're getting lots of questions about textbooks, but before you know it, you'll be tackling your first research assignment of the semester.

Before you Google yourself crazy searching for resources, why not pay the Library a visit? We can demo the catalog and show you around the stacks if you're looking for books--but books are just the tip of the iceberg!

We have several databases available through the Library. You can access them on campus, or research from home using your COD student or staff library card. There are so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming at first. We've broken them down into different categories: General, Reference, Business, Health, Sciences, Humanities, Technology, and Social Sciences.

If you're unsure about which database to start with, ask a librarian. We're here to help, and we love to show off our tips and tricks for making research easier!


Safari is new and improved!

safari logo.png
Safari isn't just technical manuals anymore! Safari now includes books, videos, tutorials, and case studies from top publishers on a variety of subjects ranging from computer science to song writing. You can select a "learning path" to dig deep into your area of interest or just browse. With your Safari personal account, you can highlight books, save your video/tutorial progress, get recommendations for other materials in your field, and much more.

Safari is available on and off-campus to students, faculty, and staff at the College of DuPage. You can get temporary access to Safari by entering your College of DuPage email address. ( Students:; Faculty & Staff: ).

To access Safari, first go to:

Enter your COD email address.


You'll get temporary access to Safari for three days.


After the temporary access period expires, you will have to register your account using the instructions sent to your email.


Create your password, tell Safari when you think you'll be graduating, and choose your major--if you are undecided, just choose one that's closest to your interests or select "other."


Now that your account is set up, you can go to from anywhere and login to your account. You can also use the new Safari app!


A printable user guide is available here. If you need help or have questions, please contact Denise Cote at

Unable to access your I-Share account?

There have been some changes to our I-Share system that may cause log in issues for some Library users. If you receive an error when attempting to access your I-Share account, please reset your password. To do this, click on the “Forgot your Password?” link on the login screen and follow the instructions to reset the password.
If you need assistance, please contact the Library reference desk:


Student Library Jobs Available – Apply Now!

we are hiring

The Library is currently hiring students to begin in Fall semester. We love our student workers and want them to gain work experience AND be successful in the classroom. Having a part-time job while you are taking classes is an opportunity to earn money while learning time management, gaining work experience, and securing a reference for future employment.

Like helping people? Experience with computers? Got skills like photography, film production, or graphic design? Like working in an office setting? There are many different ways to work at the Library. Students work with the public and behind the scenes. Day and evening positions are available.

See what we have available right now. Click through the links to view the full description and apply.

Library Administration Office Assistant (1 position)
Administration, Library, SC1LIBADMIN (FA18)
20 hours/week. Greet visitors, answer phones, general clerical work.

Library Circulation Assistant (1 position)
Circulation Assistant, SC1CIRCULLRC (FA18)
15 hours/week. Deliver media and equipment throughout campus, shelve books in the library.

Library Computer and Print Assistant (1 position)
Library Computer - Print Assistant, SC1LCOMPSLRC (FA18)
8 hours/week. Assist library users with computers, software and peripherals.

Library Media Lab Assistant (3 positions)
Library Media Lab Assistant, SC1MEDIALABLRC (FA18)
10-20 hours/week. Greet visitors, check out and troubleshoot equipment and workstations, assist lab users with video and audio recording equipment and media design software and hardware.

Keep Watching with Kanopy


We’ve reached that frustrating point in the summer when we’ve exhausted our Netflix and Hulu queues. While you’re waiting for your favorite fall shows to come back, why not check out Kanopy?

Kanopy is an on-demand video streaming service available to COD faculty, students, and staff. The Kanopy collection includes a variety of subjects across many disciplines but its strength is feature films, indie titles, and documentaries. Kanopy tools allow you to create a personal watchlist, develop playlists for use in classes, edit videos to make clips, and more. See the user guides for help getting started with Kanopy.

Remember that you will need a library card to use Kanopy from off-campus locations.
Although you do not need an account to use Kanopy, you should register if you want to create a personal Watchlist and develop playlists.

Questions? You can always Ask a Librarian--we'd love to hear from you!


Interim Hours & Closings, Aug. 3 - Aug. 19

ClockBetween our Summer and Fall semesters, the Library is closed on weekends and has reduced hours during the week.

Here is a full list of our hours and closings until the start of the Fall semester:

  • Friday, Aug. 3, Saturday, Aug. 4, and Sunday, Aug. 5: Closed
  • Monday, Aug. 6 - Thursday, Aug. 9: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Friday, Aug. 10, Saturday, Aug. 11, and Sunday, Aug. 12: Closed
  • Monday, Aug. 13 - Friday, Aug. 17: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Saturday, Aug. 18, and Sunday, Aug. 19: Closed
  • Monday, Aug. 20: Fall semester hours begin

For more information, see the Library's Hours & Closings page.

Have a safe and restful break and get ready for the Fall!

Discover Local Authors with Indie Illinois

Untitled_1.pngSummer is halfway over, which means you've probably burned through the majority of your summer reading list. If you're looking for some local flavor, check out Biblioboard: Indie Illinois.

The Indie Illinois collection contains ebooks from Illinois authors that are independently published. Selections are from a variety of genres: non-fiction, romance, mystery, horror, and more. Interested in reading your ebook on a mobile device? The FAQ section will walk you through set-up (or you can always ask a librarian!)


Resource Cancellations

The Library has stopped subscribing to the following resources, effective July 1, 2018:
American National Biography
ASHRAE Standards
Berg Fashion
Fashion in Video: The Videofashion Collection
Films on Demand: Business & Economics Collection
Sage State & Local Stats

If you have questions about these cancellations or would like to discuss alternative resources, please contact Denise Cote at

Are You Writing a Speech?


We've been getting lots of interesting questions at the reference desk lately from students working on projects for speech classes. There were a few this week about upcoming trends in video games and we were able to find tons of relevant information! Here are a few of our favorite sources to use for speech writing:

CQ Researcher covers a variety of hot topics in the news, from gun control to climate change. This is a good place to start to learn about the background of your topic. Our favorite feature is the timeline which shows how your subject has changed throughout history.

Issues and Controversies is a great pick for persuasive speeches. Explore the video sections to find not just an overview, but debates among experts in the field. Don't forget to check out the bibliographies for more resources.

Statista is perfect for adding facts and figures to strengthen your speech. It includes visual aids and infographics to help get your point across.

As you're conducting your research, don't forget to cite your sources! If you're looking for additional help with your speech assignments, check out the Speech Research Guide.

Remember, you'll need a COD student or staff library card to access these materials from home.

Need more help? Ask a Librarian! We'd love to hear from you.