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Getting Started
Having trouble getting your research rolling? These handouts and worksheets can get you past that initial hurdle.

Topic Identification worksheet (pdf)
This graphic organizer will help you understand your assignment, identify and focus your topic, create a search strategy and find sources in 6 easy steps!
For more information about research topics, visit www.codlrc.org/research101/topics

Developing Your Research Question (pdf)
Use journalistic questions (Who, What, When, Why, Where & How) to brainstorm researchable questions and jumpstart the research process.

Finding Evidence worksheet (pdf)
Before you start your research, consider what evidence you’ll need to support your claims and think about how to find it.

Need help finding your sources? These handouts can help you find books, articles, videos and more.

Subject vs. Keyword Searching (pdf)
Learn how to use keyword searching and subject searching together to find what you're looking for in the Library catalog and article databases.

Boolean Logic, Truncation, and Nesting (pdf)
An introduction to advanced search techniques you can use to help you find information efficiently and effectively.

Advanced Research Search Strategies and Techniques (pdf)
A quick reference for the types of advanced searching techniques you can use in databases, the Library catalog and in search engines.

Evaluating Sources
Not sure if you found a quality source? Take a look at these handouts for tips and more help.

Tips for Evaluating Information (pdf)
Whether a resource is print or electronic, text-based or image-based, researchers must carefully evaluate the quality of the source and the information found within. When evaluating the quality of resources, here are some things to consider.

CRAP Test (pdf)
Do your sources pass the CRAP Test? Use this guide to help you consider whether a source is appropriate for your research needs.

CRAAP Test (pdf)
Evaluate your sources according to five criteria - Currency, Relevance, Accuracy, Authority, and Purpose.

Source Evaluation Worksheet (pdf)
Use this form to help you determine if a source is appropriate for your research.
For more information about evaluating sources, visit www.codlrc.org/evaluating/sources

General Research
How to Read a Research Study Article (pdf)
Three steps to getting your head around research study articles.

Introduction to College Research (pdf)
Understand the research process and learn what to do and where to get help along the way.

Introduction to College Research Presentation
A PDF version of the Library instruction session.