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Source Evaluation G.I.F.T.S.

GIFT-red.pngUsing Memes to Evaluate Sources and Encourage Visual Literacy
     • Students will conduct online research in order to understand the context a visual meme
     • Students will evaluate the source using the CRAAP test in order to determine its credibility

After reviewing and discussing prior knowledge of source evaluation and memes, review and discuss the evaluative criteria of the CRAAP test. Demonstrate the process for researching a meme:
     • Google the meme title
     • Identify the origin of the meme using Know Your Meme
     • Identify and use key words from Know Your Meme to search for an article that explains the meme's context

In groups of 3-4, students are given a Meme worksheet. Each group will work to research their given meme, find a source and evaluate it.

General Education Outcomes: ILc. Locate information effectively and efficiently; ILd. Evaluate information and its sources critically


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Adobe Career Bootcamp, Nov. 19

Adobe Career Bootcamp

This Saturday, November 19th, from 9:00am to 1:00pm COD Adobe Education Leaders will be hosting the first ever Adobe Career Bootcamp at the Playhouse Theater in the MAC. The Bootcamp is a free, four-hour intensive workshop, open to the entire COD community, that will train participants in the skills of networking and presentation.

Adobe Career Bootcamp is a half-day intensive learning experience focusing on the strategies of launching a creative career in any field.

Bootcamp will train you to network with potential clients and employers, curate your portfolio, present yourself like a pro, and turn compliments into job offers. Packed with insights from insiders, experiential workshops, and a networking simulation where you can practice newly acquired skills, you’ll leave armed with a competitive edge in your industry. Admission is free and open to the entire COD community. Adobe is giving away three or four one-year licenses for the complete Creative Cloud Suite.

For more information and to enroll go to the following link:

Or contact Tony Venezia at [email protected] of 630-942-2020.

Climate Change and Trees

nature communications.PNG

In interesting news, scientists studying climate change have discovered that it appears that trees and other land-based plants slowed the growth of atmospheric carbon dioxide by absorbing 60 percent (rather than almost 50) of carbon dioxide produced between 2002-2014. In the article "Recent pause in the growth rate of atmospheric CO2 due to enhanced terrestrial carbon uptake," lead article scientist Trevor Keenan discusses some of the reasons this may be happening, from more plant growth in thawing Arctic regions, to changes in nutrient deposition in the soil, light quality, and ozone concentrations.

Curious? Check it out for yourself: you can read the full article, from Nature Communications. You can also read a summary of the research in a Washington Post article.

You can also check carbon dioxide emissions data at the Global Carbon project.


Know Library Research

Working hard to complete your first research paper, presentation, or poster? You're not alone!

Not only does research itself involve learning (Just how unhealthy is my desire to eat bacon each morning?), but doing good research requires learning a lot about the research process (How do I know that the website I looked at has good data? If I need current statistics, where should I look first?)

Here are three COD students talking about what they learned about research in their first year.

Seth talks about how the databases make his research easier.
McKenzie says learning about scholarly articles and how to find them helped her to do well.
Adrian tells us he uses a variety of sources to make sure they have answered his questions.

Not sure what to do about some aspect of your research project, whether its getting started, finding data, or figuring out what counts as a scholarly source? Don't worry! Book a Research Appointment here or by using the button on the right side of the library home page and feel some of those nerves start to slip away.